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Visitors to Barwick probably will have admired the floral cart, which together with a pair of vintage reapers, stands in “The Slip”, a grassy area leading to the castle earthworks on Elmwood Lane. The cart was originally used in the rhubarb industry to transport roots from the fields to the forcing sheds during the winter growing season. Although Barwick lies outside the “Rhubarb Triangle” proper, the plant is widely grown in and around the village and the cart provides an important link to a local tradition.

 However, after 15 years of standing in the open, filled with compost and in all weathers, the cart had deteriorated so badly that replacement or a major refurbishment was becoming a necessity. None of the period carts offered for sale in local agricultural equipment auctions looked to be in any better condition than our own, leaving refurbishment as the only option. Ted Chippindale, one of our longest serving members, maintains our tools and equipment. Ted generously agreed to take on the project and he has made remarkable progress. Within a week the wooden body had been stripped from the cart’s chassis and the original brackets and ironwork removed, cleaned and painted ready for re-assembly. Then, using new timber sourced from the village sawmill (E.Bulmer and Sons) Ted lovingly recreated the cart’s bodywork. Once painting and weatherproofing is complete, the cart can once again be filled with plants and flowers ready for its summer display.

Getting to a point when rebuilding can start –

Work in progress –

Weather (and compost) proofing –

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