Cancelling our Open Gardens event hasn’t prevented our potential openers looking after their gardens. We thought it would be a good idea to show off our “openers” efforts in “VIRTUAL OPEN GARDENS”

Please feel free to have a look around this collection of photos and comments we hope you appreciate the experience and find ideas and inspiration for your own garden.

If you enjoy the tour, we would appreciate you donating your “entrance fee” by clicking through to Golden Giving. In turn we will send half of your donation to Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice the rest we will use as ever to help maintain our village beds and open areas.

To view any of the Gardens just click or tap on any image in that Garden’s sequence. You will them be able to scroll through the sequence of pictures.

Our Village

These are all sites looked after by either Barwick in Bloom or the Church Yard team.

Barry’s Garden

Unhappy with the result of using a “landscaper” I decided to have a go myself.

I began by digging away a large amount of the lawn to create a flowing border, adding what plants I could find as I went along, I’m no gardener so don’t ask me what they are, I just picked them up as I went along. At one end of my garden I had a small raised vegetable plot that just seemed to be attracting every bug known to gardening, it had to go. When you think I originally bought 8 tons of special soil to make raised beds, there was a lot of work needed to level all this out as a result however the lawn is looking better having used lots of the soil to fill in the drops and turfing it over. The lock down is a great help. I have dug the border and am keeping the weeds at bay. I have moved my garden shed and nearly levelled the old vegetable plot. All the fencing had to be improved and 50 2×2 paving slabs lifted. (you would think I sleep at night but I am in too much pain.) This has taken me 12 months to date and I can’t see it ending. I find great pleasure in working in the garden and hope I can do it for a lot longer.

Terry’s Garden

These are flowers and shrubs during late spring and summer in my garden. They are a mix of annuals, biennials and perennials. The sunflowers, teazels and wallflowers were grown from seed. The delphiniums were probably from seed too, but have been there so long I cannot remember. The tiger lilies and pieris were but gifts.

Allotment Gardens

Not an area that you will visit unless you have an allotment. These are very much working gardens.

Carole’s Garden

We aim for a cottage garden look, at this time of year it’s a mix of perennials and plants that re-seed themselves and burst into a mass of colour.

The gravelled area is by the front door with ornamental grasses, pots with shrubs and herbs and some Aquilegia that pop up all over the place every year.

Geoff’s Garden

Surrounded by mature and specimen trees this large garden is laid to lawn with magnificent borders planted with a riot of colour. Secluded paths wind through the trees and borders with a number of surprise features along the way. A very productive greenhouse and vegetable plot keep the table supplied.

Tanya & Nick’s Garden

This large garden features magnificent seating areas with feature stone ornaments, topiary and even a bar.

Malcolm’s Garden

A beautifully landscaped sloping site featuring secluded seating areas a magnificent Wisteria and a splendid climbing rose around the entrance archway. A productive greenhouse completes an interesting and handsome garden.

Lynne & Mark’s Garden

Small and perfectly formed.

The Armstrong’s Garden

The lockdown has meant no childcare so has limited the amount of time spent gardening but there is still plenty of action in this produce-based garden. Unfortunately, we can’t see it all but they’re growing corn, courgettes, swedes, beans, peas, chard, broad beans, leeks, brussel sprouts and a pumpkin plant for Leo!

Robert & Janet’s Garden

Evolved over nearly 40 years with every bit done by ourselves including the walls and paths even the children helped mix cement – we don’t think it will ever be finished. Lockdown has allowed us the time to add some vegetables mainly in grow bags and we have rebuilt the water feature.

Rick’s Garden

A plantsman’s garden with lots of interest in a small area. Wildlife pond and lots of planting to attract bees and other pollinators.

Anne’s Garden

A well tended formal garden with both front and back providing a kaleidoscope of colour, with many special features and details.

Janet’s Garden

A video showing various inhabitants of the garden, both plant and animal.

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