Tubs Troughs & Baskets

In order to avoid urbanising the look of the village most of our tubs and troughs are constructed in sustainable timber by our volunteers. They are mainly placed around the central area of shops and offices but do pop up in various other locations particularly down The Boyle. Most are planted with annuals but some […]

New Inn Corner

The village show piece with 3 large beds set to annuals with the New Inn providing a fitting backdrop. The historic cast metal fingerpost sign annulus displays that Barwick-in-Elmet was once part of Yorkshire’s West Riding.  

Foxcroft’s Bed

  Foxcroft’s Bed Located towards the eastern end of Carrfield Road this bed, backed with a low stone wall, was replanted in early 2016 with a collection of alpines chosen to produce year round interest and colour.

Millennium Bed

As the name suggests this dramatic bed was created for the 2000 millennium. Originally planted with shrubs and conifer varieties it was completely updated in 2009 with shrubs and perennials. Located at the junction of Carrfield Road and Elmwood Lane.  

Gascoigne Court

Planted with a variety of small shrubs, conifers and rockery style plants this bed uses a strata of stones set into the slope. Weeds are controlled through a membrane covered in decorative slate. Located at the junction of Gascoigne Avenue and Long Lane.    

The Boyle

One of the oldest streets in the village The Boyle winds downhill bisecting the ancient motte and bailey earth works. At the bottom is what has become known as Frank’s Patch. Here you will find a number of quirky and amusing beds and displays all created from up-cycled materials by Barwick in Bloom stalwart Frank. […]

Entrance Beds

The four village entry beds on Leeds Road, Long Lane, Aberford Road and Potterton Lane were designed and installed by Barwick in Bloom in 1999 with entrance stones financed by the Parish Council. Since then as well as keeping them planted with year round seasonal displays we have planted 6 tons of naturalising daffodils along […]

Jubilee Gardens

Created within the long since closed village churchyard the area was renamed Jubilee Gardens in 2006. Over a number of years we have added the imposing cast iron entrance arch and worked to create a peaceful sanctuary for both residents and wildlife. Many of the plants have been donated from local gardens and the various […]

Main Street

Anchored by Barwick in Elmet’s famous 86 feet (26.21m.) maypole Main Street is flanked by beds and troughs for almost its entire length. On the left as you face south is our Heritage bed created in 1999. As well as shrubs and annual flowers a display of wheat is planted around the ancient plough to […]

The Slip

Just a little way down Elmwood Lane on the on the east side lies The Slip with two renovated reapers and an old Rhubarb cart on display. Rhubarb is of course part of the local heritage but the cart is now planted with seasonal flowers.  

Wild Flowers

We maintain two wild flower beds one on Aberford Road and a small display near the Bowling Club.    

Leeds Road Beds

NEW BEDS FOR LEEDS ROAD You may have noticed lots of activity around the two beds on Leeds Road. To continue with our constant goal of improving the look of the village Barwick in Bloom have decided to raise these two beds to give a more dramatic presentation. This has been achieved by building a […]


Sponsors Wanted

We have a number of baskets that we need sponsors for £35 per year and also some beds at various contributions. If you would like to see your name, or that of your organisation or company displayed as a sponsor of Barwick in Bloom please get in touch.


Since the 1950’s approximately 63% of traditional orchards have been lost from England. Commercial apple growing requires high density of low growing high cropping bushes not really orchards.In 2016 the opportunity arose for us to develop a community orchard. An orchard should not be just a place to grow fruit but an area where we […]

Vegetable Plot

At the side of the Village Hall on Chapel Lane is our community vegetable plot. Planted with seasonal vegetables each year including of course Rhubarb. The resultant crop is distributed to the elderly in the village via Rylie House where we believe the vegetables also serve as Bingo prizes.      

Herb bed

On the east side of Elmwood Lane near the surgery is our herb bed. The herbs are there for the use of the community and are labelled with suggested uses. The bed is surrounded by Lavenders and also has two small Cherry Trees which may be cropped. – This bed is dedicated to the memory […]

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